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Re: [IP] To be or not to be

On  9 Dec 98 at 8:42, email @ redacted wrote:

> Randall:
>    As always, our reliable "voice of reason"....Hope your church members
> appreciate your "pearls of wisdom" as much as we do!!! Thanks for always
> putting things into proper perspective!
> Renee

Thanks for the kind words.  The church members at my last church often 
commented about the way I said things...  At the moment I'm not pastoring a 
church, just waiting for the opportunity.  I think that with the pump my health 
is stable to get back into the pastorate.  I'm having fun as one of the 
teachers in  class of 4 year olds where we're attending now - they 
started off by asking questions about my "beeper" and my bg meter.  Teaching 
kids has a few interesting sides, including wearing jeans to church because 
we're down on the floor with the kids...

Randall P. Winchester
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