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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #675

> >>Lee wrote:
> >>Unfortunately, the Minimed pumps don't allow you to suspend a
> >>square-wave bolus in progress and give yourself enough insulin to cover
> >>the food you hadn't planned to eat.  All you can do is wait till the sq.
> >>wave bolus is finished and then manually bolus the extra insulin.  
> >
> >I understand the problem you are referring to here, but you CAN stop a
> >square wave.  If you put the pump in Suspend mode, it will cancel any bolus
> >being delivered.  Then, you have to calculate how much of the square wave
> >has not been delivered yet, add in the amount of the bolus for the
> >additional food and set it up again.  For me, this is cumbersome, but I've
> >done it when I REALLY wanted another slice of pizza!
> My point exactly.  You can, as you say, "stop a square wave," but you
> can't suspend it, do a manual bolus, then resume the sq wave bolus in
> progress.

Much simpler to run a temporary basal rate. You can stop it then simply 
restart with time that was remaining.

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