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Re: [IP] Airports, mteal detectors, ETC>

> 1000 watts).  Frequency Ranges from 3.5 Mhz to 450 Mhz.
>      Before investing megabucks for a pump, will I blow the computer
> chips in a pump the first time I key up one of my rigs?  I run a clean
> station (no spurrious RFI that I am aware of) and don't think I
> Interfere with the Stereo or TV or Computer.  Have talked to the local

Well if your running a full gallion, I wouldn't lay the pump on top of 
the antenna!, but if it does not bother your cellphone, pager, laptop, 
etc..., it probably will not bother your pump either. The innards are 
much the same in all these devices. The pump is compact and has no 
external 'antennas' to pick up the RFI. If it is not in an RF field which 
is overtly hazardous, I would be supprised if your xmitter will bother 
it. This is based only on 'general' knowledge of rfi and its problems.

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