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Re: [IP] Re: HIGHS longggg after Pizza

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998 email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anyone ever experienced highs (and I mean very high readings) 6 to 8 hours
> after eating a very cheesy pizza?  Before she was on the pump we tended to
> avoid pizza because I couldn't control the highs but now we are trying it
> again.  We have tried it two times now and both times I tried to mimic a
> square wave bolus BUT it didnt appear to matter anyway because her highs
> didn't come until 2 to 3 am in the morning.  This happened both times so
> before we try it again I am wondering is this abnormal or is this a normal
> pattern of digestion with cheesy pizza?  
Lily, 15, has exact same problem. It's intensity varies with the source 
of the pizza, maxing out with the 'real' pizza of the pizzeria and almost 
non-existent with th grocery store frozen qourmet pizza.

There are two factors, the fat in the pizza slowing down digestion and 
the conversion to carbo of the protein in the cheese after a few hours. 
Problem is easily solved with a temp basal rate, but the rate to set has 
to be determined by experimenting with each 'brand' of pizza by type and 

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