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[IP] Type 1 1/2, Insulin Resistance and Weight Gain

email @ redacted wrote:

> Some of us in the diabetes care world refer to this as Type 1 1/2.  The
> problem may not be woth the docs, but with the insurance companies who approve
> the pump.  There are some trials in the works  (not too sure about this) to
> study the use of pumps with Type 2s.  One big problem is giving extra insulin
> to people who are insulin resistance..it seems to create a viscious (sp?)
> circl wher mor and more insulin is need and weight gain becomes more of a
> problem..and on and on....Still, it is worth the research to find out who
> would benefit.

Well, I might be one of those 1 1/2's you're talking about. 

When I went on insulin, I not only didn't gain weight, I lost it. A
total of 25 lb. since I went on insulin. 

The only explanation I can think of is that I was WAY overeating before
insulin because I was so ravenously hungry all the time. I do produce
endogenous insulin, and I have a high urinary threshhold, so the sugar
from my food DID get processed eventually.

However, once I started insulin, the hunger went away, and the pounds
just dropped off without effort. 

At the moment, I'm TWO pounds over BMI 25, which is the cutoff for
"normal" weight -- but alas, the DM hasn't gone away -- every once in a
while I try going off insulin, with the same result -- BGs go up. So
much for the lose weight and you can go off meds theory. :(

I also don't think I'm particularly insulin-resistant -- even on shots,
my total dose is 30 - 35 units a day. This amount is less than would be
predicted by my weight, but of course, my own pancreas is helping. (But
mind you, insulin shots tend to be a zero-sum game until your needs are
met -- if you inject insulin, then your own body tends to decrease its
own output -- and insulin-resistant Type 2's have to inject large
amounts because of that).

So for me, at least, that Type 2, insulin-resistant vicious circle is
not a problem. Actually, it would be as much a problem for a Type 2 on
shots as on a pump -- and if a person has that problem, probably
Metformin or Rezulin is a much better idea than a pump!


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