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[IP] Humalog/carb counting/night sugars

Dear pumpers-

    I am in my third week of using the pump, and I feel so overwhelmed.  I
have read so much info, I have counted my carbohydrates, I try to figure out
how to exercise on the pump, etc., and I know this is going to take a while
to get used to.  However, I think I have a lower ratio of carbs to insulin
units,  and it seems weird, because I am 5' 4 1/2", 124 pounds, and I eat
very balanced meals.  Has anyone else found the ratio suggested for them
completely wrong?  
    I also had been using humalog for a good two years with injections, and
now am adjusting to regular in the pump.  And I feel like humalog might be
better to try, because I am so used to its "action" - but my doctor and
nurse never suggested it.  As far as shots go, I found humalog to be a lot
more predictable than regular.  So I'd like to hear about those deciding to
use humalog, and why.
    I don't really mind all the work and testing I have to do to wear the
pump, as long as my blood sugars get better - mostly because I feel like a
different person when I have a whole day and night with normal blood sugar. 
I am frustrated, though, because my numbers just don't seem to make sense. 
I was a getting good sugars at night after upping my basal rates for the
dawn phenomenon, but now they are climbing up again.  I ate at 6:30, had a
blood sugar of 82, and took a short walk after dinner.  At bedtime. blood
sugar was 115.  Next morning, it was 192.  The night before, went to bed
with a 66, ate two tablets, woke up with 66.  That was low, but at least it
was consistent the whole night.  This happens every other day, so I don't
know whether to up the basal rate or not.  CONFUSED.
--Mary B.
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