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Re: [IP] cute, cuddly and 10 and a half pounds!

Congratulations to you and Natalie and family!  Wishing you both long
and healthy life! 

>>> "Nancy Ludwig" <email @ redacted> 12/08 12:20 PM >>>
Dear Friends,
We are home.  Actually we got Natalie home on Sunday out of Intensive

She was 21 inches and 10 and a half pounds.  Her apgar was 8-9, which
was very good.  AND she is cute as a button!!  :-)  And a good amount
of hair.  Who says that heartburn during pregnancy is a wives tale?! 
I know that it is true!!

Her sugars leveled out within a couple of days but then she got
Jaundice and had to stay a couple of more days.   She was born on Wed.
 But we are all doing well.  She is now eating three ounces every
three hours.   A very hungry kid.   My four year old just loves her
and we are all adjusting to the bundle of joy very well.   Of course,
I am now working on my second layer of bags under my eyes!  :-)

Oh, my insulin has dropped to a smigde below what I was taking before
the pregnancy.  I had tripled the amount I was taking by the end of
the pregnancy.  Sugars now are good, can be better, but I am going to
wait about a week till I "really work" on them.  My body is still
trying to get back to "normal".

Anyway, thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.  This pregancy
and delivery went a whole lot better than our first.    We are going
to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend.   Natalie and I may just
sit in the car and point.  :-)


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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/