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[IP] Insulin Usage + Rezulin


Before I started on the pump (4 days ago) I was using 300 units of insulin a
day, and my BGs were still high:
Fasting		120-180 
Rest of the day	300-400

When I started on the pump, my diabetes instructor started me on a (0.8 /hr)
basal rate, which we have slowly increased. Now, my readings are better than
before the pump, but I'm also eating better, and much much less. 

Current basal rate: 	4.4 u/h (probably will increase a little)
Daily bolus:		115 u   (probably will increase a little)
Total daily insulin	220 u

As my daily insulin is heading towards 250 u a day (or maybe even 300 u) my
doctor and I are concerned about why I am resistant to insulin. 
My weight has pretty much been ruled out (I'm only a little overweight), as
has an infection. 

My questions are:

- Is there anyone on this list who uses 220 or more units a day ? 
- Or a basal rate close to 4.0 u/h ?
- Has any Type 1 had this problem (insulin resistance) and resolved it ?
- My doctor thinks that I might be a "Type 1.5". Has anyone here been
diagnosed as such ?
- I have started taking Rezulin (too early to see if it's working), and
would be very interested to know if other Type 1s are taking this, and what
their experience is with it.

Thanks :-)


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