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[IP] Aaron's stream of consciousness


First, congratulations on your decision "to be" a pumper!  As Randall
already said, we'll all be glad to help answer any questions that may come
up.  I sincerely hope that you experience as great an improved lifestyle
and control as I have over the past two years.

Second, thanks for taking the time to write your stream of consciousness
thoughts about blood sugar... I can certainly relate!  Now, I have a
different stream though, it goes something like this..."Wow, this food is
good, did I count the carbs right? Did I remember to bolus? I wonder if I
should have used a square wave for this...oh, well, if I'm high, I'll just
do a corrective bolus and move on..."  The nice thing about pumping is that
it is so easy to correct for "mistakes".  Also, I've used my pump's memory
more times than I should admit to make sure I've remembered the bolus or to
verify that I gave the right amount.  But, I still do the "I wonder what my
bg is" routine, and like you, have taken to testing anytime, anywhere.  

Keep us posted on your progress.

Mary Jean

> I hate it when I don't know what my blood glucose is. I used to just
think about it too much. "Now am I low, could I be low, should I eat
something, am I really OK, I wish I could think about something else, but I
need to be careful, I could be hi,  etc... <snip>  

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