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Re: [IP] Re: more dunb questions...


There aren't any dumb questions.

> additionally, I'm going on pump at my
> dr's office and spending the day there,
> but I won't have anyone around to help
> afterwards with glucagon or call 911
> unless my dog can be trained to speak
> english and use the phone... 

A couple of ideas.

Get up every 2 hours and test bgs until you
are comfortable that bgs will stay okay while
you sleep.  When my basal needs dropped 2
weeks ago, I did this several nights until I
got my basal rates adjusted.  With hypo
unawareness, I do a middle of the night bg
almost every night (I actually sleep better).
I have a separate alarm for middle of the night

Have a friend(s) or family member(s) call you
at set times and check on you.  My Mom calls
me every morning to make sure I am okay (she 
says she worries less that way).

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