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misc ramblings (was ->Re: [IP] Will Not Use The Pump.

I am amazed that so many people are unwilling to accept someone's decision
about not using a pump!!!!

Too many people treat using a pump as a "religion"  and will argue with
someone about their decision to not use one......  "What you choose is
fine, BUT don't try to FORCE it on me!"

There are way to many "generalized statements" about pumps being better
without ever giving specifics....

	"You can't skip meals without a pump." ----------   Have done it for
	" Better control with a pump." ---------              For me very little
	"More flexiblilty" ------------                        Unless that means
"esier to hide" - I don't 					             agree - BUT then syringes don't
bother me.
	"No different than a pager" ----------            I don't like wearing
them either.....

What other ones have I heard?

It's sad when people are unable to "feel safe" talking about the times when
things aren't going very well.  

Ever seen someone who expected the pump to "fix everything"?.......... and
it doesn't!!!!!!

I'm sure noone on this list has gone into PANIC because the pump "isn't
working" or breaks...

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