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[IP] Kidney disease and weight lifting

Two weeks ago I wrote that I had "heard" that diabetics with Kidney disease
should not lift weights because this type of exercise "sheds" protein into
the bloodstream which further burdens the kidneys.  Sara asked for more info
and, realizing that posting things that I had "heard" will never fly with
this crowd, I went to the medical library to try and get an answer.

I was not able to confirm my earlier statement.  Although my research
effforts were by no means exhaustive,  I did find several good articles on
point written by a guy named Jeffrey T. Soukup, MS, CDE, CSCS -- Resistence
Training Guidelines for Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus, Diab. Ed.
Mar/April 1994 20:2 129-37 and A Review of the Effects of Resistence
Training for Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus, Diab. Ed.  July/Aug 1993
19:4 307-312.  These articles say that potential adverse aspects of
resistence training include increased proteinuria,  but this is attributed
to acute hemodynamic effects that can elevate systolic blood pressure.
There was nothing about "shedding" extra proteins into the bloodstream.

The articles advise diabetics with kidney disease to check with their doctor
before starting resistence training.

Reprints of the articles are available from The Diabetes Educator, 367 West
Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL  60610.

Corresspondence to author Jeffrey T. Soukup, at The Diabetes Center,
Providence Hospital, 6801 Airport Blvd., Mobile AL  36685.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/