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RE:[IP] Will Not Use The Pump.

While I may receive some complaints about this, I think that
you've made the best decision.  Although many of us strongly
feel that the pump is the best for us, I disagree that it is
the best for everyone.  If the individual isn't supportive
of the idea, then it become a BAD idea for that patient.

There was a woman who is in a support group that I belong
to, who was considering a pump.  She listed several reasons
why she felt that she shouldn't go onto the pump, even
though she had fought the insurance people and had the pump
in hand.  Even though I did not see her point of view on the
issues that she brought up, for her, the pump was not an
available choice.  

Although many here are vocal supporters of pumping, we can
sometimes overlook the individual characteristics of a

Best of luck for both you and your daughter.


I thank all for your help and support with different pump

My 7 year old daughter has decided she will not use the

She said, she thought it was a good idea but when we got it
she was
scared, she was only going to use it to make me happy
because she could
tell I really wanted it for her. So we agreed that if she
like to use it
in the future she would let me know.>>>
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