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[IP] Re: Kinds of pumps

David O,
Minimed also had an implantable pump that is still in development in the US, 
though I believe it may be available in Europe.  I read some studies on it's use
and it still needs work.  My endo also was involved in some clinical trials with
it and he was not impressed with it.  I fully expect an implantable pump to be 
available in the US within 2, maybe 3 years, though.  Minimed sold the 
technology for their implantable pump to another company, but still maintains 
exclusive marketing rights for the future.
Personally, I'm not overly excited about an implantable that functions the same 
as my 507, but I'm also pretty lucky by not having any site problems, either.  
A bigger benefit would be "instant" response to insulin.  Continuous BG 
monitors would be more important to me.
David W.
 <I was reading there are 2 kinds of pumps. One is put inside the body and the 
 <other is connected on the outside. What do you think is the best way to go 
 <when getting on the pump, and how did you find the surgery if you had the 
 <insulin pump installed inside was.
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