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Re: [IP] MiniMed

On  8 Dec 98 at 6:22, Lynne Bensch wrote:

> I have been on the list since August, thanks to my friend Vince King,
> and this is my first post.
> I want to know how others feels about ordering supplies from MiniMed?  
> If you pumpers have to go through this every time you order something
> from MiniMed, I feel sorry for you.  

Not all the time, just with all the consolidation MiniMed seems to be having 
trouble with overworked reps and suppliers.  I think they are trying to expand 
their business without adding the people necessary to handle customers 
properly...  (Any of you MiniMed people reading this?)   

The increased demand may also be causing problems for the people who supply 
MiniMed with parts and other items....

Randall P. Winchester
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