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Re: [IP] Will Not Use The Pump.

On  7 Dec 98 at 22:52, Dennis Cardone wrote:

> I thank all for your help and support with different pump issues.
> My 7 year old daughter has decided she will not use the pump.
> She said, she thought it was a good idea but when we got it she was
> scared, she was only going to use it to make me happy because she could
> tell I really wanted it for her. So we agreed that if she like to use it
> in the future she would let me know.

Let her know that she's got friends here who will be glad to answer questions 
or at least try to help find answers. (You can ask questions too)  I applaud 
your efforts to make sure that your daughter has the best possible tools to 
manage her diabetes.  I also applaud you for letting her make the decision and 
keeping the door open for changes in the future.  If you support and help her 
like that I'm sure she will do well and will learn to be a responsible, well 
informed person.

> I did wear the MiniMed pump with Saline solution for 6 days. You all
> have
> a burden to carry each day with this disease, even thought the pump
> makes it a lot easier. My heart goes out to you all and I wish you all
> the best and a cure soon.

Thanks for making the effort to understand.  Keep on trying to understand your 
daughter and what she's facing.  That is the most important issue you'll face.  

Randall P. Winchester
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