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Re: [IP] Kinds of Pumps?

There is an implantable pump that is used medically.  My Dad has one for
medication which taken orally gives him neat halucinations, but given
directly to his spine does only what it is supposed to do.  It is
programable by the Dr externally and can be refilled with a syringe...my
Dad will need a refill every three months.  The continuois dosage is

I shudder to think of the size of the reservoir needed to keep me in
insulin for three months ;)


John Huff wrote:
> Hi David --
> > I was reading there are 2 kinds of pumps. One is put inside the body and the
> > other is connected on the outside. What do you think is the best way to go
> > when getting on the pump, and how did you find the surgery if you had the
> > insulin pump installed inside was. Smile, I guess you were wondering why I
> > used the word installed. Being on the Internet it just seemed to fit the
> > bill!
> I don't think  there are ( yet ) two *types* of pump ... there are two
> *branks*.  MiniMed ( http://www.mimimed.com ) is most prevalent
> in the US; and Disetronics ( http://www.disetronics.com ) in Europe.
> My internist had never *heard* of Disetronics. 8-(  Of course, I may
> be mistaken: there could be some "implantable" pump, at leat on the
> horizon.  8-)
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