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Re: [IP] Precision QID problems

'Chelle wrote:

>This is not so much to do with my pump as to my glucometer.
>I have a Medisense Precision QID glucometer and recently Medisense
>changed their strips. My sugars seem to run higher nearly all the time
>since I have been using the new strips. They used to sit between 5 and
>10 mmol/l but are now nearly always 13 - 18 mmol/l. I also feel low at 5
>mmol/l. I trust my body with these ones. I was just wondering if anyone
>else has experienced this problem or if anyone has any suggestions? I
>feel like I'm learning all over again what the sugars mean.

I know this may sound too simple, but are you using the proper coding strip
with the new strips? Strips that have not been properly matched to the
meter can give false results.

The new strips for the QID are supposed to read a "bit" higher, but your
results seem to be much higher than expected from the plasma like
calibration of these new strips.

FWIW, this tidbit came from the package insert with the new AccuChek
Comfort Curve strips, which are also plasma calibrated:

"Acetaminophen in excess of 8 mg/dL may produce elevated glucose results".
This is the main ingredient in Tylenol, I believe. I'm not sure what the
link might be here, but it struck me as interesting.

Bob Burnett

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