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Re: [IP] To be or not to be

On  7 Dec 98 at 17:03, Aaron Michelson wrote:

> I talked with the pump rep. I can expect a pump next week with the silouettes.
> My insurance will cover all but 126 dollars. This makes the decision easier.

That's good news.  And many of us understand the events that occur when the bg 
level starts to drop. 

> You guys were helpful to me in getting a wide base of experience with the
> pump. And my boss has been kind to let me research the pump during work. I put
> in my weekly report that I was researching new product ideas like the insulin
> pump. I'm told Sharp at one time manufactured insulin pumps. I'm through with
> denial and ready to take this therapy seriously. I will be more authenticaly
> me and accept me as I am. I think it will be no more work than multiple
> injections and will be like having a new tool, a cool gadget. I do remember
> the comment from my youth that I was taking my diabetes too seriously. That
> one still hurts and I hope I'm not opening up to that attack. The, "maybe you
> don't really need insulin have you tried herbs", runs off my back pretty
> easily. Aaron

Many of us think it's not any more work than MDI, and may be easier.  You are 
correct in trying to take your health seriously - and the person who made the 
comment was totally out of line!  The biggest qualification for pump use (and 
MDI too) is the willingness to take your health seriously enought to begin 
taking action.  These actions include learning all you can about the tools at 
your disposal, getting the best tools possible, and demanding a high level of 
quality care from your medical team.   That's why I have to remind myself not 
to take myself too seriously sometimes - because it's easy to get so caught up 
in maintaining your bg level that I sometimes forget why I am  trying to keep a 
stable bg - so I can maintain your health and enjoy life.   So we have the 
comments about being a Borg, being wired, etc...  the humor also helps since so 
much of what we experience is not completely understandable by "non-pumpers" 
or "non-diabetics."

Welcome to the collective and I look forward to reading your contributions to 
our shared knowledge pool...

Randall P. Winchester
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* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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