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Sometimes I wear my new glucose meter, insulin and syringes in a case on my belt. People allways think its a cell phone because the package has that shape. I like to have all the stuff with me. I hate it when I don't know what my blood glucose is. I used to just think about it too much. "Now am I low, could I be low, should I eat something, am I really OK, I wish I could think about something else, but I need to be careful, I could be hi, do I have to go pee, now lets see when was that shot, how big was it, OK I ate uhh, now that food was hi carb, not hi carb, now that happened oh how long ago, OK get a grip, took shot then ate that much, was that enough carbo, oh gee where am I, not having fun, OK lets just get a little carb and pretend we're OK cause probably I am and for sure I am if I eat a little carbo, but I don't want to be hi, do I really need more carbo, its a hastle getting some, don't want to feel hi sick, I don't know if I need some or not, I'll just keep it in mind and keep thinking about how I feel, people will wonder why I'm distracted, I don't want to be hi." So last night at a night club started thinking about it pulled out my meter my friends came back to the table. No big whoop. Its part of who I am, aint going to hide it. In fact I think the gal was more comfortable with me after the queezeness left.

>>> "Heather Bannister" <email @ redacted> 12/07 8:51 PM >>>
A friend told me tamagotchis (sp?) were illegal at school.

a few years ago my friend wondered why i had a garage door opener 
to my pants =)

At 11:08 AM 12/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I had someone at work come at me with scissors, she thought I had a 

  On a different note:  I was wondering what the
funniest thing anyone has ever said to you about your pump?  Most 
folks think it is a beeper, but every once in a while someone will notice 
the tubing and ask questions or make comments like, "Hey, what's that
strange wire coming out of your beeper?"  Or simply, "What IS 

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