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[IP] RE: Female pumpers

Since you are on this topic do any of you ladies find mood swings effect
your bg readings on the pump?

Take Care,

Ah, David, now you are opening a whole new can of worms (vbg)!  My saintly husband (bless his heart) knows that if I'm in the midst of hormonal mood swings AND my blood sugar drops, the best place for him is anywhere but with me!  The poor dear is only trying to be helpful (e.g., find my bag of SweeTarts, etc.) but at that point, he's just plain aanoying and I'd rather slug him than hug him!  I joke with him that if there is such a thing as a "Twinkie defense" just imagine what I could get away with if I blame 1) hormones 2) the pending "Change of life" and 3) low blood sugars!Vicki