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Re: [IP] Dos frases mas

Yeast infections are common with female insulin users....don't
remember the scientific reason, just know they are frequent.  I have
found eating a small yogurt as often as possible (almost daily for
breakfast) helps keep the yeast infecitons down - monistat is
Hormones definitely affect bgs.  Beware menopause time - it played
hell with my bgs. 

>>> "Heather Bannister" <email @ redacted> 12/07 10:22 PM >>>
What about yeast infections?  I get them all the time -- quite often

along with my period, maybe from bg rise previous to it.  Does 
medicine affect bgs(RX stuff)?

And now Males too:

How does decongestant affect you?  It always makes my bgs go really 
low -- sometimes it spikes after, but not usually.  I was always told

to take it really carefully cus it would raise bgs.  Anyone else?


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