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[IP] REALLY stupid comments!

Aaron Michelson wrote:
> I do remember the comment from my youth that I was taking my diabetes too 
> seriously. That one still hurts and I hope I'm not opening up to that attack.

Hi, Aaron,

I've heard THAT one before!!!! :(

As far as I'm concerned, there's NO such thing as taking DM too
seriously. The only people who would say that don't have DM, and don't
know what it's like, other than numerical textbook descriptions. EVEN if
they have a fancy MD or other letters behind their name!!!!

And they ALSO don't have to worry about what's going to happen years
down the line. It's SO easy to cluck and say "oh you have (fill in the
complication)? Gee, that's too bad!" but it's another thing ENTIRELY to
live with it!!!!

Non illegitimi carborundum!!!! or something like that!


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