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[IP] new on the pump

Dear Siana,

> I'm hoping I'm posting to this list the right way. I've been on 
     the pump for 3 weeks now, and I'm still not stabilized yet. I've 
     been sick for a week and a half, so that's interfered. 
        But is it normal for me to have so many high blood sugars? I go 
     into Joslin (Clinic in Boston) for my 4th meeting with my pump 
     nurse. I know they have to verify my basals and that my ratios are 
     right. Anyone else have a roller-coaster ride at the beginning?
     - Very Tired but hopeful! <

Don't despair.  You've only been pumping three weeks.  It often takes as
long as a couple of months to get regulated.  I also am a Joslin patient
and went on the pump (507) a bit over a year ago, under the tutelege of
Pat Marston.  There are so many variables, and they all have to be
fine-tuned before you settle down to regularity.  But I can tell you
that it's worth all the effort!

My latest A1c (glyco-hemoglobin test) was 6.0 - the lowest I've ever
been.  More important, I feel much better, have far fewer lows or highs,
and I'm able to live a much more normal life: I can eat what I want and
when I want, even skip meals, and I've lost the anxiety level I always
had when I was taking shots.

Couple of questions: Are you using Humalog in your pump?  What were you
taking for insulin before you started on the pump?

By the way, if you've been sick for a week and half out of the 3 weeks
you've been pumping, you probably shouldn't even count that time.  You
need to establish a baseline, and you can't do it while you're ill, as
I'm sure your CDE has told you.

Finally, about the "roller-coaster ride at the beginning," that's very
common.  Just stick with it, follow the nurse's recommendations to the
letter, and you'll soon be straightened out.

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