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[IP] MiniMed

I have been on the list since August, thanks to my friend Vince King,
and this is my first post.

I want to know how others feels about ordering supplies from MiniMed?  I
have ordered one thing and still haven't gotten the other part to it.
In October I ordered a white thigh pouch for my step daughter's wedding.
I tried to wear it a week before to make sure it would work.  Got into
work and it was below my knee.  Just couldn't figure out how to keep it
up.  No instructions came.  Didn't take long for me to figure  out it
was not going to work.  Call MiniMed.  Tell them my story and the
response was "Oh didn't we send you a clip".   "No, you didn't send me a
clip".  "I will get one out to you tomorrow express".  Great, I should
have it in time for the wedding that very same day on October 24th.  She
comes back to the phone to tell me that they have no clips.  They are
all on back order (Why wasn't there a note saying that when I received
the thigh pouch).  

Called a month later and they still have NO clips for the thigh pouch.
(What is going on).

Last week someone from MiniMed calls and asks my husband what color of
thigh pouch did I order (they have white or black).  My husband asks if
they can't look that up on my order form.  Oh yes they could do that.
Dah!  Guess what. Still NO clip for the thigh pouch.

If you pumpers have to go through this every time you order something
from MiniMed, I feel sorry for you.  

Sorry for being so lengthy.   I love the pump and enjoy reading all of
your posts.

Lynne Bensch
Saginaw, MI

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