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Re: [IP] New to Pump

Hi John,
That is tremendous control going from 250-350 bg readings down to readings
of 100. It seems by the different messages on the list, after the pump has
been adjusted for each individual person it can be made to work very well.
With readings like that you could possibly avoid a lot of complications that
can arise from diabetes.

Take Care,

-----Original Message-----

>Hi David --
>"Brittlediabetic" is a term that's not much used anymore.  It refers to
>someone who can't seem to control their BGs very well ... like most
>DM sufferers.  8-(  Wheb I got my pump, my  BGs became *very*
>stable, and much lower than they were BP ( "before pump" ).  I used
>to range between 250-350; now I  range < 100.  My pump  trainer
>set my basals based on the MDI scheme my intenist had developed
>over 6-8 months.  That constant infusion of insulin *all* the time
>seems to help me more than anything.  <g>
>Hope this helps...
>John Huff, Dayton OH

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