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Re: [IP] Re: more dunb questions...

In a message dated 98-12-07 20:34:27 EST, you write:

<< Subj:	 [IP] Re: more dunb questions...
 Date:	98-12-07 20:34:27 EST
 From:	email @ redacted (ellen)

  I do have
 gastropharesis (sp), so this headstart comes in handy when this acts up...
>> have you tried injecting after you eat?  Part of the current problem is
that you never know when the NPH will be absorbed, and with gastr..you never
know when the food will be absorbed.
 >>we have a few people on Humalog with your problem..they seem to be doing
well...one of our ladies has even had some improvement in food absorption<<

  additionally, I'm going on pump at my dr's office and spending the day
 there, but I won't have anyone around to help afterwards with glucagon or
 call 911 unless my dog can be trained to speak english and use the phone... 
 >> hopefully, your MD will set your target glucose rates to a higher range,
to help you prevent the lows...don't get over-aggressive with the high BGs at
first, until your basal rates are set<<

 pumper in training and worrywart... *S*
>> and it is OK to be a worrywart<<

Barbara B. 

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