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RE: [IP] Female pumpers

think is is the estrogen our bodies produce girls, here's why... *S* I had
a total when I was 27 and have been on estrogen replacement since then...
if I forget or try to stretch my rx for it by skipping a dose, I tend to
run low the next day... sometimes I use this tact if I've been on the high
side on purpose... any port in a storm... hate these shots.. pump day t-7
now... *VBG!!!*

Ellen B-C

At 08:06 PM 12/7/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I have this problem also....and it's very pronounced....usually for 2-3
days....trouble is don't know when it's coming or when it'll stop...<VBG>
>Then when "the Time" comes...this could go on for a week...with the
highs...then when "it" appears.......instant drop.......aren't our bodies
just something????LOL
>You're not alone......
>I have the usual rise in bg's before my period, but has anyone (female)
>experienced the same thing when ovulation occurs?  It's not as
>pronounced as the PMS bg swing, but it catches my attention.  Hey, maybe
>this is a new way to practice the rhythm method of birth control!  Not
>for me, however, being a good animal welfare advocate and having already
>produced one "perfect" child, I visited my local spay/neuter clinic
>years ago (vbg)>
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