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[IP] Re: more dunb questions...

ok gang... we're now t minus 7 days to pump day next monday and more
questions are raising their little heads... sending this question out to

have decieded that the sillowette insertion is going to be the best for me
due to my weight now, thank you all for your imput!!! *S*... been a
horrible shot day... get the bg down with R and it bounces back up... don't
aske me where the N went to, it's like it's on vacation with the few
remaining islet cells... tomorrow should be a fun low day; patch, patch,
patch all day... have done this ride before... ok, enough whining and back
to the question...

been debating using either R or humalog in the pump... how do you all feel
about either one??? I've used both and here's the story...

with R, I keep getting higher bg's until about 2 hours after shooting it
and feel horrible, but have also tried to correct a spike for no reason and
have played hell backing off the tiny extra R... remember, until pump day
I'm still on shots... but on the other hand, a 2 hour head start isn't bad
in some situations when I'm running low and have to patch things up but the
patching lasts till I clear the R from my system... I do have
gastropharesis (sp), so this headstart comes in handy when this acts up...

humalog and I met when I first became diabetic 20 months ago... all was
great till my bg dropped into normal range from U... then a normal 40 COH
meal (shot after starting the meal, pasta which now I can't even look at
without a 200 pt rise in bg's let alone eat!!!) knocked me out of a chair
in a resteraunt fork in hand... after that I lost my lead time with humalog
and had to wait till I tested on the rise before I could shoot... needless
to say, humalog gives me greater control if the rise is seen and I'm
digesting and if my small intestine goes on strike sudddenly, I have less
time to battle the insulin and risk panic and delayed digestion
over-correcting... yup even have had problems getting glucose tabs to work
when the pharesis is having a good time...

additionally, I'm going on pump at my dr's office and spending the day
there, but I won't have anyone around to help afterwards with glucagon or
call 911 unless my dog can be trained to speak english and use the phone... 

been told that this is my decision and want to make the right

who's pumping R or humalog and how do you like it...

Ellen B-C

pumper in training and worrywart... *S*

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