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Re: [IP] To be or not to be

I talked with the pump rep. I can expect a pump next week with the silouettes. My insurance will cover all but 126 dollars. This makes the decision easier. The past two months as I've prepared for the pump (since reading with tears KidsRpumping) my health has improved. How worth it to make more effort to test many times a day and take shots five or more times a day. My kidneys had begun to hurt all the time and that stopped with improved controll. I think the time is right and I'm ready for the challenge. With improved controll has come weight gain. More adjusting, I'm used to eating enough to tax my kidneys. woo what if next year I get a continuous blood glucose monitor. I could have used a warning beep today. I took a 12 unit humalog to bring down a 240 before lunch and didn't want to eat. Forced myself to eat some bread on hand. Tested after five pieces of bread at 45. I'm glad I hadn't confronted my boss in my low BG paranoia. Woops. I have had some problems with my actions when low.

You guys were helpful to me in getting a wide base of experience with the pump. And my boss has been kind to let me research the pump during work. I put in my weekly report that I was researching new product ideas like the insulin pump. I'm told Sharp at one time manufactured insulin pumps. I'm through with denial and ready to take this therapy seriously. I will be more authenticaly me and accept me as I am. I think it will be no more work than multiple injections and will be like having a new tool, a cool gadget. I do remember the comment from my youth that I was taking my diabetes too seriously. That one still hurts and I hope I'm not opening up to that attack. The, "maybe you don't really need insulin have you tried herbs", runs off my back pretty easily.

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 From:	email @ redacted (Randall Winchester)
 To:	email @ redacted (Aaron Michelson), email @ redacted 
>>Randall......you never cease to amaze me with your wisdom and your "way with
words".  What a well thought out statement!  I hope I get to meet you some
day. You are such an asset to this group and we are fortunate to have you
Barbara B.
  Either way you decide the  majority of the people here will be standing with
you to encourage you.   Just  be careful when you ask questions so they don't
look like rhetorical questions  or statements phrased in negative terms...  
 There are a few key things to remember about the collective (the group of 
 insulin pump users that have banded together for all kinds of reasons) -
 1.  The sum of the wisdom available here is more than any single person can 
 2.  At times the wisdom of a single individual from the collective will 
 surpase the wisdom of the collective.
 3. Don't take us too seriously - but remember that with such a serious
 matter sometimes humor is used to make things somewhat berable.
 4. Don't take yourself to seriously.  Since we are so serious about 
 controlling our lives using available technology we have this tendency to 
 become "super-serious" and miss some of the fun stuff.  We each must fight
 in ourselves and point it out in others...
 5. Remember to bolus appropriately for donuts and peppermint candy.   
 6. All questions and comments are fair game on the list.  
 7. Everyone on the list is a valuable contributor, be they lurker or soapbox 
 Even when we have strong disagreements, we generally don't have disagreeable 
 people.  This group is almost unique in this behavior - where else can you
 people with the variety of backgrounds working together with so many
 approaches towards a common goal.  This goal is to maintain our health by 
 attempting to keep our bg under the best control possible with the existing 
 technology...  and everyone who shares this goal and has decided on using a 
 pump, wants to work with people who use a pump or who is trying to make up 
 their mind about a pump is welcome to jump into the fray.
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/