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Re: [IP] Infusion sets and etc.

 I have a couple of questions, not about the pump per se, but about infusion
sets and accessories.  I'd like to poll the accumulated wisdom on the subject,
> What do I want to use, softset, bent needle, straight needle, something I have not heard of yet?

It depends on what you want. Steel needles are preferred by some, presumably
because they
can be moved to a new site if the need arises (irritation etc). Some people find
the Teflon SofSets
problematical. I did so myself when I started pumping about 5 years ago, but
then found the
Pureline Comfort (Teflon) sets that I've used for just over 4 years now. These
are also sold as
MiniMed Silhouettes or Disetronics Tenders, all made by the same company in

Anyway, the Comfort sets seem to me to be a much better design than the SofSets
because the Teflon
canula goes out of the side of a split disk on top of a large tape base. So when
you move around
the base doesn't get caught on things and tipped, which sometimes leads to it
pulling the canula
out, sometimes while still trapped under the tape. With Comforts the flat disk
is hard to catch and the
canula can flex sideways, rather than being pushed and pulled into and out of
the skin, which may cause
SofSets to get crimped.

> If I use the softset thingy, should I get one of those inserters?

Some people swear by them, but my Comforts don't need such to place them, just
slide it in and
seal down the tape, no other overtaping or fuss needed, and no little hanging QR
connector to catch
on things either. Some people think the  longer needle is fearsome, but is only
longer because it
needs to go to the same depth slantwise as a SofSet does vertically.
> I guess the bigger questions are...
> What should I get past what normally comes with a pump to make things more convenient?

You may want to get samples of the various infusion sets to experiment and find
works best for YOU. First impressions before experience can leave you with what
you won't use if
you buy before trying it out.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

> What should be avoided?
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