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[IP] Medical platitudes

Randall Winchester wrote:
> We've been told that if "MDI doesn't work for you it's
> not the therapy, it's you..." and other similar "encouraging and supporting"
> lines by medical professionals.  Many of us were at one point or another called
> "non-compliant" for attempting to keep our bg levels as close to normal as
> possible... 

Early on in my DM career, I told a doc (GP) that my BGs were going into
the upper 200's after meals and that I wasn't happy with that, and she
brushed me off saying it was NORMAL, as long as it came back down again,
and if I didn't stop obsessing about it, she was going to take my meter
away from me!

It is often a struggle to get the doc to understand WHY anyone would
want to have normal BGs -- they have never experienced what a high or
low BG feels like, and so numbers are not particularly meaningful to
them. Yes, they get excited about a 600 with high ketones, but in THAT
context, a 200 doesn't seem so bad.

I think ALL DMers should have access to whatever treatments and tools it
takes to feel as well as possible, both physically and emotionally, and
not have numbers and A1cs be the only criterion. 

There are psychological reasons both for wanting a pump and for NOT
wanting a pump, and I think each individual's feelings should be
respected. Money and medical bias should not be the ONLY deciding



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