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Re: [IP] Airports, mteal detectors, ETC>

On  7 Dec 98 at 10:49, email @ redacted wrote:
>      I've been reading several posts lately about airport security and
> metal detectors supposedly being "bad" for the pumps.  Here is a
> question for all you electronic gurus out there:
>      I am an Amateur Radio operator-I communicate all over the world on
> various frequencies and at different power levels (from .5 watts to
> 1000 watts).  Frequency Ranges from 3.5 Mhz to 450 Mhz.
>      Before investing megabucks for a pump, will I blow the computer
> chips in a pump the first time I key up one of my rigs?  I run a clean
> station (no spurrious RFI that I am aware of) and don't think I
> Interfere with the Stereo or TV or Computer.  Have talked to the local
> pump Reps about 4 or 5 weeks ago, and have no response one way of the
> other since (although one said he was still looking into the request).
> Any help,ideas, experiences from the PEANUT GALLERY?

I've worn the pump for over a year in occaisional high RF fields with no 
problems.  As long as you're within normal safety guidelines you're ok - the 
ARRL worksheets can help you determine if your station is within the normal 
saftey levels.  The MiniMed pumps are shielded pretty well against RF and 
magnetic fields.

> 73's
> Dave  N4BGH
> (email @ redacted)
Randall P. Winchester
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