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Re: [IP] Infusion sets and etc.

I have only been on the pump for a few months now, I use the soft set, am to
chicken (bok bok) to try the Silhouette.  I use the inserter, because of the
fact that I am a chicken, and need some sort of device to force the intruder
needle in, otherwise I would probably not be on the pump, and like my brother
who is more chicken than me wouldn't have considered the pump.  I used to
close my eyes and count to like 10, 50 times before I would get the courage up
to inject myself in the stomach.  If you have no problems with it, then you
are good to go, and I think that any of the different types of Infusion sets
will work for you.  My CDE uses the silhouettes and really likes them, I
suppose yoiu'll just have to try them all out, and see what works best for
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