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Re: [IP] Re: BOUNCE email @ redacted: Non-member submissionfrom [Craig & Lisa Johnson <email @ redacted>]

I had someone at work come at me with scissors, she thought I had a thread
hanging.  :-)

Kasey Sikes wrote:

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> I took my first plane trip 6 months after receiving my pump.  I was
> nervous about passing through secruity, so I had my doctor write a
> letter explaining that I wear a pump and that it is " medically
> necessary."  I never had any problems with the security alarms going
> off, but if I had, I would have had my letter from my doctor to back me
> up.  Now, whenever I fly, I make sure I place that same letter in with
> my tickets just in case.  On a different note:  I was wondering what the
> funniest thing anyone has ever said to you about your pump?  Most folks
> think it is a beeper, but every once in a while someone will notice the
> tubing and ask questions or make comments like, "Hey, what's that
> strange wire coming out of your beeper?"  Or simply, "What IS that?"
> Please post your comments.
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