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Re: [IP] New to Pump

Siana Collyer wrote:
>      Hello, everyone,
>         I'm hoping I'm posting to this list the right way. I've been on
>      the pump for 3 weeks now, and I'm still not stabilized yet. 

Hi Siana, and welcome to this List.  I must say that the first two
months on the pump I experienced a good deal of highs and really
questioned all the work when what seemed like and eternity of work with
few good enough results.  Are you in regular contact with your CDE/pump
trainer?  It helped me a great deal to talk with my trainer as much as 3
times a day.  She was available to me 24 hours a day.  After that
intensive support, it has been helpful and informative to be a part of
this group.  My basals are pretty close to what I need, but I continue
to learn a lot!  I think the learning curve lasts much longer tahn I
ever imagined.


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