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Re: [IP] Re: HIGHS longggg after Pizza

Pizza is the kind of food the square wave bolus (if you have a newer minimed) is
supposed to address.  If you have an older pump or a disen., you can try to mimic
it.   I've not ever been very good at really getting this to work, mostly b/c I
don't pay as much attention as I should.  For me, I have to watch for the next 10
hours or so.  Many people probably have shorter time frames.  Maybe that's why we
get pizza so seldom?

email @ redacted wrote:

> Sherri:
>    Melissa had a "personal pan pizza" at Pizza Hut yesterday for lunch.
> Bolused 6 units & completely forgot that in the past she'd also done a 50%
> increase temporary basal for about 4 hours. So sure enough a few hours later
> she was 400!!! (first time in months &  months).....Bolused A LOT & was still
> in the high 300s hours later (and yes, she even changed her set)....FINALLY
> came down to about 150 by midnight & awoke at 140.....Pizza seems to be the #1
> most difficult food to "cover" because of the "unknowns" in how it's prepared
> & also in how the body metabolizes its different components.....
> Renee
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