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[IP] Re: Christina Clark

Christina Wrote:

Christina Clark <email @ redacted>

I am 40 years old and have had diabetes since I was 14.
I consider myself lucky because I am relatively
complication-free and do mostly what I want yet still
am able to maintain an acceptable hemoglobin number
without a tremendous amount of effort.  Although I
don't abuse my regimen like I did in my 20s and 30s.
I still resist too much scheduling and control. I eat
some junk and I like to drink some alcohol.  I currently
take 5 injections a day (3 Humalog and 2 Lente), but I
still fight against regular testing and monitoring.  I
am educated and intelligent and know that I can do better
than I do and work harder to minimize my risk of
complications.  Perhaps the pump will be a catalyst for
this.  Perhaps I am just fooling myself.  I would like
to try it and see.


I found that since I have been on the pump, I am testing more frequently and with less grumbling.  I think that the fact that I only had to do *1* thing (test) instead of testing, filling a syringe, and shooting up,  it was a whole lot more agreeable.  I also just posted a comment that I can't *feel* my bg's anymore like I used to (which is actually a good thing), but I need to test more often.  Somehow it is OK!

Good Luck!


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