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Re: [IP] Infusion sets and etc.

At 07:20 AM 12/7/1998  BERTEL C. JOHNSON wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have just filled out all the paperwork to begin the wheels turning to get 
>a pump.  I have a couple of questions, not about the pump per se, but about 
>infusion sets and accessories.  I'd like to poll the accumulated wisdom on 
>the subject, specifically...
>What do I want to use, softset, bent needle, straight needle, something I 
>have not heard of yet?
>If I use the softset thingy, should I get one of those inserters?
>I guess the bigger questions are...
>What should I get past what normally comes with a pump to make things more 
>What should be avoided?
>I realize that my mileage may vary, but I have no mileage yet and am trying 
>to get as much info up front as I can get.

You didn't say which flavor of pump you were getting, but MiniMed has
something called the Silhouette (I think Disetronic calls it the Tender...
both are identical). It lies flatter than the soft-set and has the
disconnect right at the "plug". I think, if you look at the IP web-page,
you'll see that a pretty high percentage of pumpers are now using this type
of set. Besides being flatter, another nice thing about the Silhouette is
that is is inserted at an angle (typically somewhere between 15-30
degrees). It has a teflon cannula so it is pretty comfortable once inserted
and the set sticks in place pretty well. A down side is that they don't
have an automatic inserter for the Silhouette. (They are supposedly working
on one).

You might try to get samples of the different kinds so you can see the
differences. If you are getting the MiniMed, and decide to use the
Silhouette, you might need to be sure that you specify this with your
initial pump order. You get a 3-month supply of infusion sets with your
pump... normally they send the Soft-set, unless you specify another type.
(I didn't tell them and got the Soft-sets with my pump. But MiniMed traded
them in for the Silhouettes without too much hassle).


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