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[IP] square wave bolus

> Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 17:02:10 EST
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] square wave bolus
>    I was wondering how to figure out the length of time a square wave
>    bolus
> should be set.  I've never used mine for that very reason,  and don't have
> a CDE to contact as I am temporarily out of the US and my current dr. is
> not really up on the pump.  
>    Would the square wave be useful for something like the marathon
>    Christmas
> Eve dinner my Italian in-laws always have?   Thanks in advance and Happy
> Holidays to all!              
> Karyn
> - ----------------------------------------------------------

   That square wave thing sounds neat, but it seems no one has 
any real details on using it - even Minimed.  This is what I have 
found and was wondering if others find similar or different results.

I normally use it with high protein or high fat and carb meals (like 
pizza).  It makes no diffence on a very small meal like on piece of 
pizza.  I generally use one third of bolus (up to 1/2) on square 
wave. So maybe 4 u bolus with 2-3 sq. wave.  For me it seems 2-4 
hours works best since Humalog keeps working about 2 hours 
after.  Honestly for longer meals I often keep bolusing.  Such as 2u 
for appetizers, then 3 for dinner and maybe 2 after the meal.  You 
can keep track of what you are eating better and make decisions 
later.  Note that you take any additional bolus while the sqare wave 
is working.  Sometimes when I am not sure of what should have 
taken, and expect to be high and need another bolus, I set a temp 
basal rate.  This way I CAN take an extra bolus without cancelling 
the square wave.   In general, the amount I take for the square 
wave is maybe double what I would normally take FOR THE 
SQUARE WAVE PART ONLY.  So if I would estimate the the meal 
would be 5 units,  I would take 4 normal and double 1 (equalling 
five) or 2 for the square wave which totals 6 not 5.  Anyway, I just 
wanted to get others trying the square wave and maybe figure it out 
a little better.

hope this helps,
Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/