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Re: [IP] To be or not to be

At 05:04 AM 12/7/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Margaret, how much exercise do you do in that shower anyway?   Must really
>be a sight to see!  :-)
>p.s. Yes to the snow thought!  Now we know what it's like to celebrate
>christmas in australia!
>>>>>>>>>From: Margaret <email @ redacted>
>>many of us disconnect for showers or sex or changing clothes and merely take
>>the missed basal before disconnecting or after reconnecting...it all goes
>>the same pot eventually.
>I would really think about that bolus before or after that intimate time.
>Think of it as another form of exercise.  =)

You might want to test first... many people have a BG drop after exercise.
But this is a YMMV situation. Better to test first, then bolus as needed.


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