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[IP] writing to the gov't

hi kids

i did my letter writing campaign to my mailing list of over 60 people on
line...and got lots of good letters that they all sent.  my dad sent me the
following - thought you might be interested:

Forwarded Message: 
Subj:	 Re: Diabetes Research
Date:	98-12-06 21:40:49 EST
From:	email @ redacted
To:	email @ redacted

     Thank you for writing to President Clinton via electronic mail.  Since
1993, the President has received over 2.8 million messages from people across
the country and around the world.  Online communication has become a tool to
bring government and the people closer together.

     Because so many of you write, the President cannot personally review each
message, though he does receive samples of his incoming correspondence.  The
White House Correspondence staff helps him read and respond to the mail.  All
responses are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.  This is the only electronic
message you will receive from whitehouse.gov.  No other message purporting to
be from the President or his staff with an address at whitehouse.gov is
If you have received such a message, you have received a "spoof."

     We appreciate your interest in the work of the Administration.


          Stephen K. Horn
          Director, Presidential E-mail
          The Office of Correspondence

P.S. Please read on - you may find the following information useful.

-- Regardless of the number of messages you may send, you will receive only
one autoresponder message per day.

--  The only personal addresses at whitehouse.gov are the following:

    email @ redacted
    email @ redacted
    email @ redacted
    email @ redacted

Please write to White House staff by regular mail.  The address is:

    The White House, Washington, D.C.,

     Zip codes as follows:
          20500 (mail to the President and First Family)
          20501 (mail to the Vice President, his family, and OVP staff)
          20502 (all White House Office Staff, all CEA, OPD, OSTP, and
               PFIAB staff)
          20503 (all CEQ, OA, OMB, and ONDCP staff)
          20504 (all NSC staff)
          20508 (all USTR staff)
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