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Re: [IP] using square wave bolus (cont.)

Lee wrote:

 Unfortunately, the Minimed pumps don't allow you to suspend a
>square-wave bolus in progress and give yourself enough insulin to cover
>the food you hadn't planned to eat.  All you can do is wait till the sq.
>wave bolus is finished and then manually bolus the extra insulin.  

I understand the problem you are referring to here, but you CAN stop a
square wave.  If you put the pump in Suspend mode, it will cancel any bolus
being delivered.  Then, you have to calculate how much of the square wave
has not been delivered yet, add in the amount of the bolus for the
additional food and set it up again.  For me, this is cumbersome, but I've
done it when I REALLY wanted another slice of pizza!

Mary Jean

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