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Re: [IP] Congratulations Ellen

On  4 Dec 98 at 16:17, ellen wrote:

> I end up shooting into muscle which causes it's own set of problems... I have
> very little body fat left, am 5'4 and 108 now from all the bg problems/insulin
> switches etc and that's why the pump... concerned about twisting of the canula
> when I pull out the needle... anyone know any good tricks???

The past couple of times I've changed my set one of my boys has changed the way 
he helps me.  He'll be four years old soon and loves to help me change my 
sets.  Up until a couple of weeks ago his contribution was to pick up the trash 
and put it in the wastecan... now he's graduated to putting the needle in the 
sharps box after I fill the syringe and pulling the tack out after I insert the 
infusion set.  He's getting good at putting the donut tape on  the set, turning 
the tack one-half turn and gently pulling it straight out.  He also remembers 
to put the tack into the sharps box immediately...  It was funny earlier this 
week when he gave his mother an impromptu  lecture on proper handling of 
sharps... she's a RN.   I guess my "good trick" is to find a convenient child?  
One of his biggest contributions which sounds strange is to count to ten and 
yell bang for me... on the "bang" I press the release button on the SoftSerter. 
 We've discovered by repeated tests that there is much less pain when he counts 
and yells bang - and the set change is less time consuming becuase I don't 
stand there trying to get my nerve up to press the button...  Of course 
remember that your milage will vary...

Randall P. Winchester
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