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Re: [IP] To be or not to be

On  4 Dec 98 at 12:24, Aaron Michelson wrote:

> Sometimes I don't express myself well, I'm certainly no shakespeare. Here I
> have re-expressed my ideas. I've left the responses in. The response to the
> last question had a lot in it that was good. I only included the part I wish
> had been left out.  I need to remember that I am loved too, so no more attacks
> please, well delivered or not. Aaron

Not a personal attack, so please remember that you are respected, appreciated 
and loved...  but many of us have fought ideas that sound strangely like what 
you were mentioning.  We've been told that if "MDI doesn't work for you it's 
not the therapy, it's you..." and other similar "encouraging and supporting" 
lines by medical professionals.  Many of us were at one point or another called 
"non-compliant" for attempting to keep our bg levels as close to normal as 
possible...  so there are several of us who are "hair trigger" sometimes when 
someone comes along with some of the arguments often quoted by those who 
are trying to eliminate or limit pump therapy or who are teaching that MDI is 
the perfect solution for all people with diabetes.

> >I'm sory if my questions are disturbing but I'm trying to think through pump therapy. 
> Gosh, you must be a quick study...  and somehow I sense an agenda somewhere in
> the text here...  

Ask some specific questions and you'll get good responses - we've even got a 
few people on the list who are "former pumpers."  You can get a lot of good 
information by just asking "what are the pros and cons of pump therapy?" 
especially if you give some information about how your current therapy 
integrates into your lifestyle.  Chances are pretty good that someone on the 
list has some information that you could use to make an informed decision.  
Just remember that many of us on the list are vocal advocates of pump therapy, 
who believe strange things like people ought to be put straight on the pump on 
the day of diagnosis so they never have to face what was to us the terror of 
MDI and life on the "roller-coaster".   

snipped a chunk for space...

I hope you didn't take my response as a personal attack - it wasn't 
intended as one.  It was intended as a statement of support for you 
investigating, studying and then determining what you think is best - even if 
it means you have to fight the "medical professionals" who either want to force 
you on a pump or keep you from having a pump.  Either way you decide the 
majority of the people here will be standing with you to encourage you.   Just 
be careful when you ask questions so they don't look like rhetorical questions 
or statements phrased in negative terms...  

There are a few key things to remember about the collective (the group of 
insulin pump users that have banded together for all kinds of reasons) -
1.  The sum of the wisdom available here is more than any single person can 
2.  At times the wisdom of a single individual from the collective will 
surpase the wisdom of the collective.
3. Don't take us too seriously - but remember that with such a serious subject 
matter sometimes humor is used to make things somewhat berable.
4. Don't take yourself to seriously.  Since we are so serious about 
controlling our lives using available technology we have this tendency to 
become "super-serious" and miss some of the fun stuff.  We each must fight this 
in ourselves and point it out in others...
5. Remember to bolus appropriately for donuts and peppermint candy.   
6. All questions and comments are fair game on the list.  
7. Everyone on the list is a valuable contributor, be they lurker or soapbox 

Even when we have strong disagreements, we generally don't have disagreeable 
people.  This group is almost unique in this behavior - where else can you find 
people with the variety of backgrounds working together with so many different 
approaches towards a common goal.  This goal is to maintain our health by 
attempting to keep our bg under the best control possible with the existing 
technology...  and everyone who shares this goal and has decided on using a 
pump, wants to work with people who use a pump or who is trying to make up 
their mind about a pump is welcome to jump into the fray.
Randall P. Winchester
* The views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily *
* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
* There's no guarantee on anything said here...
* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 
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