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[IP] using square wave bolus (cont.)

The square-wave bolus feature is a good one, but it's not quite as
flexible as it ought to be.  Therefore, I don't use it very frequently.

My problem with it is that I like to bolus as I eat.  That is, I figure
the first course of dinner, say, and bolus for that when it's served. 
Then I do the same for the main course, and then for dessert.  I use
this method as a way of ensuring that I don't over-bolus, or take
insulin for a part of the meal that I then decide not to eat for some

I have no trouble doing a sq wave bolus when I know roughly all the
things I'll be eating.  I total up the carbs for all 3 courses, take 1/3
of the insulin upfront as an initial bolus, then set the sq wave to
deliver the remaining 2/3 over a 2-hour period, and let er rip.

But sometimes - when you're in someone else's home for dinner, for
instance - you don't know what's coming next in a meal, nor its carb
count.  Or else, sometimes, you might want an extra helping of a tasy
dessert.  Unfortunately, the Minimed pumps don't allow you to suspend a
square-wave bolus in progress and give yourself enough insulin to cover
the food you hadn't planned to eat.  All you can do is wait till the sq.
wave bolus is finished and then manually bolus the extra insulin.  

It means being higher than you'd like for a while, but it's not fatal.

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