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Re: [IP] Bubbles in tubing and other such annoyances


Re pulling the insulin back. I do it, but the canula is not involved, only
from the disconnect pt back into the reservoir. Then I inject the leftover
insulin back into the vial. From advice of this site, I try not to end up
with too much leftover - use it up before refilling pump.

I mentioned this to my doctor, who pumps, and he does the same thing!

As far as this group. Some people do what I do with no problem, but there
is a concern about degradation of insulin and contamination risks. So use
own judgement.

>Has anyone figured out how to get the freaking bubbles out of the reservoir
>tip?  I don't care what I do, I always end up with bubbles at the tip when I
>push the insulin into the tubing.  Has anyone conquered this annoyance?  Also
>for the people who reuse reservoirs...  Has anyone pulled the insulin that is
>left over form the tubing back into the reservoir before they refill it?  Is
>that unclean, because of risk of bringing what's left in the tip of the Canula
>back into the reservoir?
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