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Re: [IP] Diabetic Flight Attendants, <email @ redacted>

as to being able to flu... I don't know about commercial pilots licensing,
but for non commercial private pilots... you keep a log book... FAA
regulations say you must have a meter with memory/time/date... before you
begin take off or landing, you have to test bg and be within 100-140 on the
meter... so folks, if you're flying and get a little low, you tell the
tower you want to do a few more go rounds, chomp up a glucose tab and when
you get to the majic number... then land... also you have to submit the
logs to the FAA after a certian amount of flight time for their docs to
make sure... nothing more then testing before starting a long drive
really... if you're in good control, can prove it and know what to do, go
fly!!! (I asked my educator about this once and she contacted the FAA for

Ellen B-C

At 09:39 PM 12/6/98 EST, you wrote:
>Thank you, Sara, for the kind welcome.  I'm SO glad I have found this
group of
>knowledgeable people who seem willing and able to answer pump questions,
>especially since I start "pumping" tomorrow!   I am EXTREMELY excited at the
>potential this device has to make my life and crazy schedule so much easier.
>To answer your question about flight attendants with diabetes, while the FAA
>prohibits pilots taking insulin from flying commercial aircraft, there is no
>such restriction on flight attendants.   However that being said, other than
>myself I have never know a person with diabetes to get hired as a flight
>attendant with a major airline.   There are a very small number of flight
>attendants taking insulin who are flying, but all the others I have known
>developed diabetes after their employment.  I am still amazed, and very
>grateful, that my airline hired me 10 years ago knowing about my diabetes.
>And you had better believe I've always tried to be a model employee and NEVER
>make my diabetes an issue in my job, hoping in some small way to open doors
>for other diabetics who may be interested in airline careers.  Thanks again
>for your greeting, and for letting rush the "club!"   Bob       
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/