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[IP] To be or not to be

Margaret wrote:

> Aaron & Sara,

> I would really think about that bolus before or after that intimate time.
> Think of it as another form of exercise.  =)   

just from my personal, though not recent, experience...even after the head
banging variety, I still find myself needing that missed basal
insulin...something about hormones being secreted...I don't know - my body
must be strange...heh heh 

I wrote:
>if you take 1 unit of inuslin for 16 grams of carbohydrate...how do you
>that out with a novopen that delivers insulin in .5 increments (I
>believe)...You either take 1 unit and short yourself for 1 on those grams, or
>you take 1.5, thereby overinsulinating yourself by .4

to which Margaret responded:
> I thought you could have the pump specially programmed to 
> give .1 increments.  

exactly my point...with the novo pen, you either take 1 full unit (2 clicks at
1/2 unit each) or 1.5 units (3 clicks at 1/2 unit each).  There is no way to
take 1.2 or 1.3 units with a novo pen.  You will either not take enough
insulin, or you will take too much, unless you each EXACTLY 16 grams of carbo
(orwhatever your personal ratio happens to be)

Margaret wrote:
> On a pump, your night time blood sugars can remain very stable.   
> This also helps a great deal to bring down your A1c.  

this is actually very important...since you test less frequently during the
night, your blood sugars can remain high for a long period of time.  Thus
affectingyou A1c.  This is why they say get the night time basal worked out
first and why it is so important to do that periodic 3 am testing to make sure
the basals are right.  You can be RIGHT ON TARGET during the day, but if you
averge 250 all night, you A1c is gonna reflect that.

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