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[IP] RE: job discrimination

Buddy wrote:

>  I was reading the tread on this subject and totally agree with Sara.

AGHHHH!!!  help!  heart attack!!!!  oh my god - i hope someone has perserved
this for all eternity like printing it out and framing it like me!!  I need to
find a nicer frame...maybe one with non reflective glass...


> It will always be this way. You have to be your best and better than 
> the rest in order to "Shine". Only then will your employer see that you 
> are their ONLY logical choice. You are the best in your chosen field 
> and have proved that you can take care of your business and theirs too.

I agree with this.  If you feel you have been discrimniated against and take
civil action and FORCE them to hire you, what kind of a victory have you won?
Kinda like George on Seinfeld who pretended to be disabled...he got the job,
he got the fancy bathroom...but so what - no on elooks at you as the "amazing
accountant" or the #1 Salesman, or the coolest teacher...you are always The
Diabetic...that is a label I prefer to leave OFF my resume


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